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How Ikea Tricks You Into Spending More Money

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Ikea is known for their affordable, functional, and stylish furniture, but did you know they also employ specific techniques to get customers to spend more money? In this blog post, we will explore four techniques that Ikea uses to increase consumer spending.

Learn more by watching the video and reading the blog post below:

Tactic 1: Store Layout

One of the most noticeable techniques Ikea uses is their one-way system. Customers are directed through a predetermined path in the store, starting with the showrooms, then the marketplace, and finally the checkout. This technique is effective because it encourages customers to walk through the entire store, increasing the likelihood of impulse purchases.

By creating a one-way system, Ikea can guide customers towards products that they may not have originally intended to buy. For example, a customer may have come to Ikea to buy a new bed but ends up purchasing additional accessories such as pillows or bedding, as they are led through the showroom and marketplace.

Tactic 2: Lighting

Ikea's use of lighting is another technique that is often overlooked. Ikea uses bright, natural lighting in their stores, which creates a welcoming and comfortable shopping environment. This type of lighting also makes the products look more appealing and attractive to customers, increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Additionally, Ikea uses specialised lighting in their showrooms to highlight certain products. By drawing attention to these items, Ikea can increase their sales by creating an emotional connection with customers, encouraging them to purchase items that fit their lifestyle and aesthetic.

Tactic 3: Staging Rooms

Another technique that Ikea uses to get customers to spend more money is staging rooms. In their showrooms, Ikea sets up full-scale rooms to give customers a better idea of what their products will look like in a home setting. By creating a visual representation of how products can be used, Ikea can increase the perceived value of their products and encourage customers to make a purchase.

Staging rooms also help customers envision how different products will look together, making it easier for them to create a cohesive home aesthetic. This technique encourages customers to purchase multiple products to create a complete look, increasing their overall spending.

Tactic 4: The Cafe

Ikea's famous in-store cafe is another technique that they use to increase consumer spending. By placing the cafe at the end of the shopping experience, Ikea can entice customers to stay longer in the store and potentially spend more money.

The cafe also creates a sense of relaxation and comfort, which can encourage customers to take a break from shopping and enjoy a meal or snack. This break can refresh customers and encourage them to continue shopping, potentially leading to additional purchases.

Additionally, the cafe serves as a marketing tool for Ikea. The food and beverages served in the cafe are often Swedish-inspired, which ties into the brand's origin and overall aesthetic. This creates a sense of authenticity and uniqueness, which can encourage customers to purchase additional Swedish-inspired products in the marketplace.

In conclusion, Ikea employs several techniques to get customers to spend more money. By using a one-way system, lighting, staging rooms, and the cafe, Ikea creates a unique and enticing shopping experience that encourages customers to purchase additional products. These techniques are effective because they tap into basic human psychology and encourage customers to make purchases they may not have originally intended to.


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