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How the Fast Food Industry gets you to Spend More

The average spend on fast food in the UK is £110 a month and even higher in the US. Here is how fast-food giants such as McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King are using certain techniques to capitalise on peoples love of fast food and to get you to spend more while in store.

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The Self-Service Kiosk

Their latest way of getting you to part with your cash. Is the self-service kiosk. Fast food chains are benefitting massively from these kiosks as recent studies have shown people are typically spending on average 20% more at self-service tills than they would when ordering from a person.

The main reason for this is upselling. The machines are designed to upsell to you in the form of going large on a meal or recommending additional items. This is particularly effective with machines, because unlike with a person, the machine doesn’t forget to ask you to go large or to recommend additional items. Whereas a person recommending a large or an additional McFlurry may seem a little pushy. However, when using the machine this tends to feel helpful rather than like a sales technique. The self-service kiosk is subtly nudging you to make purchases you didn’t intend to when you came into the store. Fast food restaurants clearly know this technique increases the average spend of their customers and have drastically cut back on the number of face-to-face tills available and have massively ramped up the number of stores with self-service kiosks. So, if you want to spend 20% less make your order in person.

Large Appetising Pictures

Removing the £ sign

Promotion (McDonald's Monopoly)

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