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The Design Mix

The design mix refers to three aspects of design that companies need to consider during the research and development stage of creating a new product.

Getting the right design mix for your target market helps create a product that consumers want, at a price they are willing to pay. By creating a product with the right design mix you are significantly increasing the chance of success when the product is brought to market, as it’s easier to sell products designed with the wants and needs of consumers in mind.

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The aesthetics of the product is how the product looks. This part of the design mix is about creating a product that is visually appealing to the target audience. The aesthetics of a product helps businesses differentiate their product from their competitors, and when done well can be the products USP. A luxury product will need a sleek design using premium materials along with packaging that also reflects the premium image of the brand.

Take the iPhone 13 pro for example it is extremely aesthetically pleasing to the eye with its all-glass front and sleek minimalist design. The materials used in its construction are high quality and allow it to be extremely thin and light. Customers can choose from a range of colours and two sizes to give them a choice of phone that meets their personal preference.

Each element of the aesthetics of the phone are designed to appeal to customers and make the phone better looking and more desirable than the competition. This premium feel is also reflected in the packaging with its minimalist approach and box design. Having a successfully aesthetic design has added value to Apples iPhone as it has become an aspirational item that many customers must own.



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