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The 3 Key External Factors That Influence The Marketing Mix: Lessons from Apple

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

The concept of the marketing mix, which includes the four essential components of product, price, place, and promotion, is crucial to the field of marketing. Yet in addition to these four components, the effectiveness of any marketing mix plan is also influenced by a number of outside variables, such as the competitive climate, shifting consumer wants, and technology.

In this blog post, we'll examine how these three crucial elements impact Apple's marketing strategy.

Learn more by watching the video and reading the blog post below:

Competitive environment

One of the most important external elements affecting every business' marketing mix strategy is the competitive environment. Apple is up against fierce competition in the technology sector from companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Google. Apple's marketing strategy is significantly impacted by this competition.

  • Product: The iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch are just a few of the items available from Apple. Apple updates its products frequently in order to keep them technologically cutting edge and differentiated from those of its competitors.

  • Price: Compared to its rivals' products, Apple's are typically more expensive which can make their products seem more of a luxury purchase and more desirable to customers. But to appeal to a wider spectrum of customers, Apple offers a variety of price ranges for example the introduction of the iPhone SE in 2020.

  • Place: Apple's retail network provides a distinctive consumer experience. Another significant sales channel for it is its online store, which provides consumers with ease.

  • Promotion: With a focus on cutting-edge product features and the company's brand identity, Apple's promotional strategy aims to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Changing consumer needs

Businesses must modify their marketing strategies to accommodate the shifting

requirements and tastes of consumers. Apple is renowned for its capacity to foresee and cater to consumer wants, as demonstrated by the following examples:

  • Product: In response to the rising demand for wireless headphones, Apple released the AirPods and the Apple Watch, which both address the expanding health and fitness craze.

  • Price: To increase consumer access to its products, Apple provides financing and trade-in alternatives.

  • Place: In order to reach more customers, Apple expanded its retail network by adding outlets in developing nations like India.

  • Promotion: In response to growing consumer concerns about data privacy, Apple has changed the focus of its promotional efforts to emphasise privacy and security capabilities.


Businesses must stay ahead of the curve to stay competitive as the technology industry is always evolving. Apple is renowned for its creativity, and it constantly uses technology to improve its marketing strategy:

  • Product: Apple devices are renowned for their cutting-edge technology and distinctive features, such as the touch bar on the MacBook Pro and facial recognition.

  • Price: Apple employs technology to improve the effectiveness of their pricing strategy. One example is the use of dynamic pricing algorithms to provide customers with individualised pricing.

  • Place: Using augmented reality to let customers test out things digitally, Apple's online store and retail network use technology to offer a seamless customer experience.

  • Promotion: Via different digital platforms, including social media and online advertising, Apple employs a variety of technology to reach people and increase sales revenue.


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