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Consumer Rights

Few people are aware of their legal rights as a consumer, and with global retail sales approaching 25 trillion US dollars, there is no better time to learn about your rights as a consumer and what you can do if you believe you have been misled.

The Consumer Rights Act (2015) is a piece of UK legislation that helps regulate business behaviour and prevents consumers from being exploited. It sets out specific rules that businesses must abide by when selling goods or providing services to the end consumer. The key rules it focuses on are product quality, returns, repairs and replacements and delivery.

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Product Quality

What constitutes satisfactory quality is extremely important when knowing whether your consumer rights have been breached. According to the act satisfactory quality means that the product must not be damaged or defective when sold as new. It must be free of minor defects, be safe and durable. The price you paid for the item, must also be considered when judging whether the product is of satisfactory quality.

For example, it would be reasonable to expect the quality of a 3 pound t-shirt from Primark to be worse quality than a luxury t-shirt bought from Gucci. Regardless, both should be of reasonable quality for the price that has been paid for them.

Fit for Purpose

Returns, Repairs & Replacements


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