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Perfection is the enemy of action!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Have you ever decided not to pursue something because you may not be good enough or you feared judgement?

If so, you aren’t on your own. It’s a very common barrier which stops many people from ever starting the business they dream of.

One of the key benefits for businesses who develop a culture of continuous improvement is the improved output quality that is achieved over time.

However, it’s so important to realise that the output quality of most businesses typically improves overtime and becomes far greater than when they started because they have focused on continual improvement and learnt from failure, rather than waiting to launch the perfect product.

Whenever you are faced with this dilemma in life or business in the future, just think about the Simpsons!

Just imagine if Matt Groening (creator) didn’t release the Simpsons because the characters weren’t perfect or he worried too much about judgement and negative feedback regarding the characters appearance.

Overtime and with continuous improvement, the Simpsons has become the longest running US sitcom of all time and you can really see the improvement in the quality of the characters appearance over time aswell.

Just think what you could achieve if you focused on continuous improvement rather than perfection.

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