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This is the second instalment of our premium resource packs for Theme 1 of the Edexcel GCSE Business qualification.

This Theme 1.2 resource package includes:

  • Teacher PowerPoint presentation with 96 slides and 27 activities.

  • Student activity workbook containing 27 activities over 55 pages (directly matching the ones in the PowerPoint).

  • Suggested answers booklet for the activity workbook. 

The PowerPoint presentation is fully animated and ready for you to deliver. The supporting activity workbook is available to be used electronically or printed for students. Importantly, both resources are editable should you wish to make any changes to suit the needs of your group. They contain a mixture of information, examples, and activities for each topic in the specification for Theme 1.2 Enterprise and Entrepreneurship.

Edexcel GCSE Theme 1.2 Teacher Resource Pack

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