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Edexcel GCSE Business Theme 1 Knowledge Hub

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Welcome to the Two Teacher's Edexcel GCSE Business Theme 1 Knowledge Hub which has been designed for students who are studying GCSE Business. The aim of the knowledge hub is to help you as students to: - Recap the topics that you've studied in class - Identify any strengths and gaps in your subject knowledge - Boost your knowledge to ultimately increase the chances of exam success For each topic area, there are 10 questions for you to answer so you can test your knowledge and identify any strengths or gaps in your subject knowledge. Note: make sure you finish each quiz in full and press 'send' when complete, otherwise you will lose your answers and will have to start the quiz again. Also, there maybe more than one answer for each question. To support you, we've included explainer videos for each topic which you can watch before you attempt each quiz or afterwards if you identify any gaps in your knowledge. At the end of the knowledge hub, there are 4 summary quizzes which each contain 50 questions to test you against all of the topics from Theme 1. These are designed to be a final test of your understanding of Theme 1 as a whole and should give you a good indication wether you have sufficient knowledge before sitting your official exam. If you want to revisit any section to refresh your knowledge by redoing the quizzes or watching the videos, you can do. We hope you enjoy the knowledge hub and we wish you all the best for your official exam.

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