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This is the third instalment of Unit 5: International Business for the BTEC Level 3 Business qualification.


This Outcome C resource pack covers everything from the unit specification, including external influences and international business support systems.


The Outcome C resources pack includes:


  • PowerPoint presentation with 90 slides and 19 activities.

  • Student activity workbook containing 19 activities (directly matching the ones in the PowerPoint).

  • Teacher suggested answer booklet.​

  • Kahoot quiz on Outcome C.​

  • Outcome C student checklist.


The PowerPoint presentation is fully animated and ready to deliver. It contains a mixture of topic information, examples and activities for each topic in the specification for this learning outcome.


The supporting student activity workbook is a resource you can provide to all your students, either as a paper hand out or as a digital copy to use on Teams or the VLE of your choice.


This contains every single activity that is on the PowerPoint presentation, allowing students to easily follow the content you deliver and then conveniently complete tasks all within one workbook for the whole learning aim.


The teacher answer booklet has suggested answers to every activity. Some tasks are very creative or based on students opinion, in this case peer assessment and tutor feedback is recommended.

We wish you all the best for the unit and should you have any further questions, please get in touch via email:

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