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This multiple choice question workbook contains over 550 questions and has been designed for students who are studying Unit 3: Personal and Business Finance of the BTEC Business Level 3 qualification with the aim of helping them to:

  • Recap the topics that they've studied in class

  • Identify any strengths and areas for development in their subject knowledge

  • Boost their knowledge to ultimately increase the chances of exam success.


Mini Topic Quizzes

For each learning outcome there are a number of multiple choice questions for students to answer, which provide an assessment of their knowledge of that learning outcome. This is designed to help identify their strengths and areas of development for the learning outcome.

Unit 3 Summary Quizzes

At the end of the workbook, there are 4 summary quizzes which each contain 50 questions to assess students against all of the topics from Unit 3.


Digital Download

This resource is a digital download which you will receive instantly via email. Once downloaded, you will have:

  • An electronic copy of the MCQ workbook for students to use digitally via Microsoft Word etc.

  • A printable PDF copy of the MCQ workbook.

  • A printable PDF copy of the MCQ answer booklet. 

MCQ BTEC Unit 3 Thumbnail-2.png

Want a sneak peek?

Just click the images below to see some examples from the multiple choice question workbook and answer booklet. 

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