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How Nike uses Behavioural Segmentation to Create Personalised Marketing Campaigns

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Have you ever wondered why certain brands seem to understand your preferences and needs so well? Well, one of the secrets behind successful marketing campaigns lies in a technique called behavioural segmentation. In this blog post, we'll explore what behavioural segmentation is and how Nike, a renowned sports brand, could utilise it to connect with their target audience effectively.

Learn more by watching the video and reading the blog post below:

What is Behavioural Segmentation?

Behavioural segmentation is a marketing strategy that divides a large group of consumers into smaller, more specific segments based on their behaviour patterns, preferences, and buying habits. By understanding how people act, marketers can tailor their messages and offerings to meet the unique needs and desires of each segment. This allows brands to create more personalised and impactful marketing campaigns.

Nike's Behavioural Segmentation Strategy

Occasion-based segmentation

Nike can identify different occasions when people engage in physical activities, such as running, basketball, or soccer. By understanding the specific needs and preferences of athletes during each occasion, Nike can design targeted marketing campaigns. For example, they could create ads showcasing basketball shoes with advanced ankle support during the NBA playoffs, capturing the attention of basketball enthusiasts.

Usage-based segmentation

Nike can segment its audience based on the frequency and intensity of their physical activities. By identifying avid runners, gym-goers, or occasional sports participants, Nike can develop customised marketing campaigns that highlight relevant products and features. For instance, they could promote lightweight running shoes with excellent cushioning to marathon runners, emphasising the importance of comfort during long-distance runs.

Loyalty-based segmentation

Nike has a dedicated community of loyal customers who religiously choose their brand over others. By understanding the behaviours and preferences of these loyalists, Nike can develop campaigns that reinforce their loyalty and attract new customers. They could offer exclusive discounts, personalised rewards, or even collaborate with popular athletes to create limited-edition products, catering to the passion and dedication of their loyal fan base.

Social influence-based segmentation

We all know how important peer opinions are. Nike could leverage social influence by identifying influential individuals within their target audience. By partnering with popular athletes, social media influencers, or even collaborating with famous artists, Nike can create buzz and generate excitement among consumers. This approach would make Nike's products feel more desirable and create a sense of belonging among their target audience.

How Nike benefits from behavioural segmentation

Behavioural segmentation enables companies like Nike to gain a deeper understanding of their customers' preferences, habits, and desires. By effectively implementing this strategy, Nike can deliver targeted messages, products, and experiences that resonate with different segments within their audience.

Nike can use behavioural segmentation to analyse customers' past purchases, browsing history, and preferences. By understanding individual preferences, such as favourite sports, shoe styles, or workout types, Nike can send targeted emails featuring personalised product recommendations. For example, if a customer frequently purchases running shoes, Nike can send an email showcasing the latest running shoe models or accessories that complement their workout routine.

So next time you see a Nike ad that perfectly captures your passions and aspirations, remember that it's not by accident. It's the result of careful analysis, segmentation, and a company's dedication to understanding its customers like you. Keep an eye out for the marketing magic that happens behind the scenes, and let it inspire you to follow your dreams, both on and off the field!


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