Investigate the common methods of financial motivation with this video and activity worksheet combination.

The video explores the common methods of financial motivation that businesses use alongside the potential benefits and drawbacks of each. The methods discussed are:


  • Remuneration

  • Performance Related Pay

  • Promotion

  • Fringe Benefits


The supporting activity worksheet contains 5 separate tasks for students to apply their knowledge of financial motivators after watching the video. 


  • Starting off with a table requiring students to explain each method with examples alongside its associated benefits and drawbacks whilst watching the video.

  • The worksheet then has a series of tasks including one where students are required to act as consultant to a business owner about issues she is having with employee motivation. Within this task students need to assess the scenario and provide justified recommendations related to the methods of financial motivation that the business owner could use. 

  • The activity then finishes off with a 10 minute crossword challenge, where students have to work against the clock to try and find all 10 pieces of terminology in under 10 minutes.

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