Millions of pounds are spent by retailers on producing Christmas adverts each year, but why?

We’re only a few weeks into November 2020 and the Christmas advertising campaign season is well under way, with big budget ads from Walker's, Disney, and McDonald's already gracing our screens and social media.

The lavish productions rack up millions of hits on sites such as YouTube. They may be popular, but people are less sure about whether these ads actually benefit the big brands behind them (BBC, 2019).

This resource provides you with 3 separate tasks for students to complete focused on a selection of 2020’s Christmas adverts. It requires students to compare adverts, analyse the use of them for business and then create their own Christmas Advert for a brand of their choice.

To make it easier, you can watch each of the adverts featured in the activity resource by clicking play on each video on the right hand side of this page.